Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Horse and His Master

So it's been awhile since I've posted and I apologize. Foothills and I have been feeling a little distant from DD lately. But something struck me last week at church, actually, and I thought it would be a good thing to blog about.
We had a guest preacher and he started his sermon out with a story about a horse and his master who was training him. The master was using a carrot or the like (Foothills says it was a carrot, but I'm not so sure.) to get the horse to go where he wanted him to go. The horse was especially difficult, and the master had to work harder than usual to break him. The man who was observing thought that the master was being extremely hard on the horse and was relieved when he was finally done. He thought for sure that after the horse got what he wanted, he would be done with his master. But instead, the horse came to the master looking for affection and love. The master very generously gave the horse what he wanted, rubbing him behind his ears, and the horse nuzzled back. Despite the very hard work that the master had forced the horse to do, the horse still respected and loved his master and longed to feel that love in return after all the hard work was over.

Even though this was obviously a metaphor for something else, upon hearing this story, I immediately slid over closer to Foothills and thought about what goes on during a punishment spanking. It's SO true - even though you've been through a painful experience, physically and emotionally, you still long for that love and affection afterward - and even more so because of what you just went through together. It's such a beautiful thing to be that intimate with each other - to have such trust for someone who has taken the reins of headship and leadership, to let them be in control of how many times and with how much intensity that paddle comes down upon your bottom. And to know that when it's done, he'll say, "It's okay, it's all over. It's all over." And take you in his arms and comfort you and protect you and show you that he really means it.

I'll bet that preacher never in a million years would think his story would elicit that kind of response!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I NEED it!

So last week Foothills decided to make our weekly "list" very very short. He took off all of my dailies and just had three things on there, one of which was to perform one act of submission each day.
I did pretty good with that part (although I sucked at the other parts but that's another story) but I realized after last week and not getting things done that I should have but didn't because they weren't on the list, that I NEED that motivation - it works!
I've always said it was a good idea to assign one room/area for each day of the week to clean. And it really is a good idea - if it's actually done. Last week it wasn't so on Saturday I had to spend much of the day cleaning rooms that would have been much cleaner if I had stuck to my schedule.
I know this is definitely the (large) practical side of me coming out, but it really is good to have guidelines. And this week, Foothills has been good at asking me how I'm doing on my tasks every day. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Answers to my questions

  1. What was going through your mind when Foothills suggested dd? Is that you in the red skirt?

    When FH first suggested DD I thought it was the most bizarre thing I'd ever heard of. I really was thinking, Is this for real? Do people really do this?!
    And no, that's not me in the red skirt, just thought it fit well with my blog title. :)

  2. What is your favorite thing about doing DD/TTWD?

    Definitely the communication - the fact that to continue with it, we have to communicate on a regular basis. Vulnerability comes in at a close second though!

  3. What celebrities do the two of you resemble? LOL

    Haha, great question! I just asked FH if he thought I looked like any celebrities and he said none come to mind, and that I have a unique look. I used to think I looked a bit like Avril Lavigne but FH doesn't find her attractive at all so I guess not.
    As for FH, he answered this one on his blog and I agree - he could be a skinny looking Hugh Jackman, and especially Wolverine because of the sideburns - he usually wears some pretty cool looking chops. (Right now he's sporting a closely cropped beard though.) Oh oh! Actually, another "celebrity" I thought of that may embarrass FH but I'm going to put him anyway is Scott “Smitty” Smith from Imagination Movers, a kid's show. Here is a picture:

    Totally, they could be separated at birth!

  4. How does Dd differ from a D/s or M/s relationship?

    Well for us, even though we do have a dom/sub outlook on our marriage, it doesn't always control every part of our relationship. Big decisions and anything we've specifically talked about are always discussed and he makes the final decision but FH gives me a lot of freedom with many things in our day to day life. I don't have to ask permission to do most things unless we've specifically talked about it before. I hope that answers your question. :)

  5. What advice would you give a couple just starting out? :)

    I still feel like we're "just starting out!" But we have been doing this for several months now so I would say don't try to accomplish everything at once. This lifestyle is a work in progress and you have your whole life together to figure it out so don't rush it! Start out slow and you'll figure out what you need to do along the way!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Q&A

Ok guys, so apparently March is Question and Answer month so ask away!! Other than the obvious invasive information you don't put online to identify yourself, the sky's the limit!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Big 3-0

So I turned thirty yesterday. Yes, I know, to many I am still very young. And truthfully, I don't feel old at all. I welcome a new decade and am excited to see what the thirties bring me. Maybe I'll have some more babies? Maybe I'll go back to work? Maybe I'll teach my kids at home? Maybe I'll reach my sexual peak? Maybe I'll get the worst spanking yet? Maybe I'll climb Mount Everest? Maybe I'll learn how to do a back flip? Maybe I'll learn a new instrument? Who knows what life has to offer me in my thirties!

Foothills catered to me a lot yesterday and that was just wonderful. He brought me breakfast in bed and we all went out for lunch and stopped at the park and were able to have an adult conversation while the kids played.
As for the DD front, things have been okay. I feel like we're in a small rut. I think part of the problem is we only check in once a week which means I get either a maintenance spanking or punishment spanking then, but usually not any other day of the week. I know I should ask for it if I need it but that's a hard thing for me to do, making myself vulnerable on purpose like that. I do think it would be good if we could reconnect on that level more than once a week though.

So how were/are your thirties? What was/is the best thing about the thirties for you?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A New Goal and Good Conversations

So I don't want you guys to think I forgot about posting... I just don't have much to post about right now. Things with Foothills are pretty good lately. I set a new goal last week of using 15 minutes a day to do DD reading - it could be on the blogs, the chat room, or any general "sex" reading, Foothills says. I'm really really glad I agreed to that goal because it's helped Foothills and I stay more connected. If you couldn't tell, he is the one who loves reading all about the DD lifestyle, moreso than I do, and when I read about it as well that gives us something to share together, another way that we can talk and relate with each other. As in, "Did you hear what soandso said about thisandthat the other day? What did you think about that?" etc. It really helps us bond. We've also been having some really good conversations lately. Mind you, they've mostly been by chat during the day when Foothills is supposed to be working but I'm glad we've been able to connect throughout the day lately. It really helps me long for him to come home, miss him, and look forward even more to seeing him walk through that door.

Oh, I got my first punishment spanking in awhile the other night. It was for only exercising two out of the three times I was supposed to exercise last week. Honestly, it wasn't really that bad but maybe Foothills was being gentler on purpose. Still, [for his sake since he'll definitely read this] it was effective enough to motivate me to make sure and get my three sessions in this week. :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hard to get back into the swing of things...

Not to be repetitive but... WE'RE BACK! It's great to be home, it really is! A huge hello to all my followers. I really hope to be commenting on posts and things again.
As my hubby Foothills said in his latest post - it's SO hard to get back into the swing of things! What he didn't say is that on top of being away for two weeks and then having the flu for a week after that, this past Thursday Foothills dislocated his shoulder and has had his right arm in a sling since then. Let me tell you that has really thrown my schedule off. He can't drive so I have to drive him around everywhere and he can't pick up the baby so that means that even though he's home more, I'm still on full-time baby and kid duty. Blarg.
And since I'm harboring inner irritation at running the household right now, our relationship is hampered. We've barely made love, and even though we reset our goals on Monday night, we still haven't been connecting like we should. Life sucks right now, plain and simple.
And it's not anyone's fault, really, it's just how the cards fell, what God decided to have happen in our life right now. And that's fine. We'll get through it. It's just another thing.
I have to say though, I'm pretty good at taking care of everybody.Oh, and I still love my husband, a lot. :)